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Po-Town Pictures was formed in early 2007 by stop motion animator, Matt Somma, who began his career while in school in 1995 by creating scoreboard animations for the Philadelphia Phillies. Shortly after graduation, Matt moved to Los Angeles to start his career as a stop motion animator. Matt moved back to NY in 2000 to work on MTV’s Celebrity DeathMatch and has since established himself as one of the preeminent stop motion animators on the east coast.

Po-Town Pictures is a stand alone full service production company. We can also act as a service company providing the necessary animation for your project and hand over footage for your own post house to finish.

In addition, Matt Somma is available as a director, animation director , and even a consultant for your studio, bringing years of experience to the creative process as well as budgeting, scheduling, and crewing up for any scale production.


Matt can reached at matt@po-townpictures.com

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